Jon, mototaxi driver

Mototaxis – Second Most Popular Way to Get Around Puerto Lopez, Ecuador #AtoZChallenge

Jon, Puerto Lopez mototaxi driver

Walking is the most common way to get around Puerto Lopez. Riding in a mototaxi is second.


Dogs welcome


Dog riding in Puerto Lopez mototaxi

Puerto Lopez is a casual town. Sometimes you will even find a mototaxi driver who brought his dog to work.


Mototaxi on Puerto Lopez malecon



Hiring a mototaxi

Wave your arm when an unoccupied mototaxi is approaching to flag them down. Unless they are already on a call, they will pick you up for your trip anywhere within Puerto Lopez.

There is no central dispatch. If you regularly need pickup in less traveled areas, get a couple of driver’s phone numbers.

Want an informal tour? Hire a mototaxi! Many drivers are happy to take you around Puerto Lopez. The four mototaxi cooperatives are providing English lessons for their drivers. If you speak no Spanish, ask around to find a driver who speaks some English. Jon, in the top photo and below, asks us to speak English so he can practice.

Riding in Jon's mototaxi in Puerto Lopez


Traveling outside Puerto Lopez

When traveling outside of Puerto Lopez, options are bus, taxi (not mototaxi) or drive your own vehicle.

What are common travel methods in your town?


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A look back

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