Ecuador's Machalilla National Park Biodiversity Board

Visitor Center, Machalilla National Park, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador #AtoZChallenge

Ecuador's Machalilla National Park Visitor Center sign

Machalilla National Park surrounds Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. Two monkey species and more than 270 bird species, including the endangered Waved Albatross live in the park. Whales mate and birth just off the coast and turtles hatch on the beaches.

If you like active outdoor vacations, this is the place for you!

Activities in Machalilla National Park


  1. Hike, bike and horseback ride
    1. Dry forests – from sea level to midway up the hills, the dry desert-like flora is brown for about half the year, waiting for water
    2. Cloud forests – always green hills where monkeys, orchids and a wide variety of birds live
  2. Hike beaches – Playa Los Frailes is often referred to as one of the most beautiful beach in Ecuador and includes a white sand beach, a lava rock beach and a black sand beach
  3. Hike, snorkel and dive Isla de la Plata and Isla Salango
  4. Tour a museum and participate in archaeological dig in the historic Manteño community of Agua Blanca
  5. Kayak, surf, swim, and paddle board in the ocean


Machalilla National Park Visitor Center

Travel to the Machalilla National Park Visitor Center in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador to get your bearings, study maps and ask about current activities or volunteer needs. Educational exhibits teach about the biodiversity in the area.

Ecuador's Machalilla National Park Biodiversity Board
Visitor center biodiversity board – full of up to date information about park inhabitants
Ecuador's Machalilla National Park Headquarters inside building
Visitor center interior

Learn which trails may be closed due to endangered animals mating in the area.


Ecuador's Machalilla National Park's Isla de la Plata hiking trails map
Hiking trail map for Isla de la Plata

Upcoming movie filmed in Machalilla National Park

On April 24, 2018, I attended a pre-screening of the upcoming movie “Despertar Azul” (Blue Awakening) at the visitor center. Much of it is filmed in Machalilla National Park. It about human effects on marine life with footage during ocean dives and of the turtle rehabilitation center. Enjoy this trailer with English subtitles.

Where can you read more about Machalilla National Park on Emily in Ecuador?


  1. Humpback whales
  2. Blue-footed boobies
  3. Sea Turtles
  4. Palo Santo Products
  5. Agua Blanca
  6. Archaeology dig
  7. Rare frog and happy snake

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