Archaeologist for a day

Digging up Manteño history #AtoZChallenge

An archaeology dig guaranteeing every participant would find something from the Manteño civilization? When I saw the offer by Archaeology Vacations, I could not pass up a chance to dig up history.

I became an archaeologist for a day!

Emily as an archaeologist for a day
You can be an archaeologist for a day

Canadian Luke Dalla Bona is leading an archaeological dig in the indigenous community of Agua Blanca. He lives in the community, 10 minutes north of Puerto Lopez. He is training the next generation of archaeologists right in their own backyard.

Before Luke joined them, the community identified some areas where ancient structures once stood. They built a roof over one of the homes to preserve it, waiting for an archaeologist.

Roof over archaeology site
Protective roof covering site

Luke shared their desire to learn how the community member´s Manteño ancestors lived their daily lives. They joined forces and are uncovering history together.

Luke on the house currently being uncovered
Luke (standing with hat) and the house currently being uncovered

On my dig day, each amateur was partnered with a member of the archaeology team and given instructions. Then we got down to the business of digging (carefully, with brushes and trowels).

Amateur archaeologists for a day
Digging up history, carefully, gently
Photo courtesy of Luke Dalla Bona

I found many ceramic pieces and bone fragments. My digging neighbor found almost a mouthful of human teeth and an animal tooth. Another participant was uncovering a burial urn. We all touched history and helped to preserve it.

It was a fun, educational day that I wish everyone could experience. Luke shares discoveries and fun stories on Archaeology Vacation´s Facebook page.

2017 A to Z Challenge - D


Be and Archaeologiest for a day in Ecuador


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