Jumping off Jama bridge

Jama Bridge Jumping #AtoZChallenge

¨If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?¨ 
— Parents to kids everywhere

Jama is a town in a beautiful area of coastal Ecuador. We were passing through on a hot day. Teenagers congregated on the bridge heading into town. The water below promised relief from the heat.

One boy jumped from the bridge walkway. Everyone cheered. He scrambled back up the riverbank while another boy jumped. The first boy raised the bar by climbing to the top of the bridge and jumping.

Jumping off bridge
Jumping from the top
Jama, Ecuador

Huge cheers for him. From the water, he yelled up to challenge his friends.

Challenging his friends to jump
Challenging his friends
Jama, Ecuador

One climbed to the top, hesitated a bit while friends yelled encouragement, then jumped. He emerged from the water with a wide smile.

Great way to cool off on a hot day, if you are willing to jump.

Have you ever jumped from a bridge?

2017 A to Z Challenge - J

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