Workout area on Puerto Lopez beach

Workout on Puerto Lopez beach, Ecuador #AtoZChallenge

Workout area on Puerto Lopez beach

After a few days in Puerto Lopez, you have snorkeled, dived, hiked, ridden horseback, swum and kayaked. Now you are wondering where you will do your pullups and rope climbing. I have great news for you! You can do them right on Puerto Lopez beach!

Workout area on Puerto Lopez beach

If you are looking for more diversity in your workout, you can pull some large tires around in soft sand. Recruit a friend and make it a competition! The folks in the next photo even had people sit on the tires.

Pulling huge tires down the beach

Start children young and workouts become part of their routine.

Workout area on Puerto Lopez beach Pinterest

I admire the dedication these folks have. Many of them show up every day about an hour before sunset and they are there long after darkness falls. This has become a popular spot in a short time. There was nothing but sand here six months ago.

Do you workout while on holiday/vacation?

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Last year, I wrote Water. Clean Drinking Water.

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