Burrowing owl adults
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Nurturing Owl Parents #AtoZChallenge

“Then nightly sings the staring owl, Tu-whit; Tu-who, a merry note.”
— William Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost

A pair of burrowing owls built their home adjacent to our driveway in Puerto Lopez. During the first few weeks, when anyone walked or drove past, they flew away.

They slowly began remaining at the entrance to their home and monitoring us instead of fleeing. Soon cars, trucks, mototaxis and motorcycles drove by while they held their ground. They guarded the entrance, ever watchful.
Burrowing owl adults, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
Burrowing owl pair adjacent to our driveway
Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
One often hunted while the other guarded the entrance.
Burrowing owl guarding nest
Burrowing owl guarding entrance
Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Walking down the driveway one day, we realized that there were three of them! Their baby had come out of the burrow and was almost the same size as the adults.

Over the next few weeks, the parents took the young one flying further and further from home. They went hunting together and out for nighttime jaunts. In no time, the baby was off on his own.

They were good, nurturing owl parents.

Have you watched wild creatures raise their young?

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