Tagua hand carved turtle
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Vegetable Ivory – Tagua #AtoZChallenge

Thinking in generations also means enabling our young to have a decent standard of living. 
— Paul Tsongas


Tagua, sometimes called vegetable ivory for it’s resemblance to elephant ivory, is a nut from the Tagua palm tree. The hard white inner nut can be carved and polished like ivory.
Tagua carved turtle
Artists carve it into jewelry, figurines, and many other products. My friend Marianne Fry in Puerto Lopez has been designing and exporting hand-carved Tagua products for 18 years through her company, Feel Good Exports.

Each piece is hand crafted by artisans living in remote areas. These products afford families an opportunity to make a decent life for themselves who could otherwise be living off the land or separated. Without this Tagua work, one parent may move to a different town or country to earn money.

Hand carved tagua
Hand-Carved Tagua Figurines
Baúl de Tesoros, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador


Necklaces and purses
Hand-Carved Tagua Jewelry
Baúl de Tesoros, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Marianne and her husband, Abdullah, own the Baúl de Tesoros (Treasure Chest) gallery in Puerto Lopez. They feature Tagua as well as products from artists throughout Ecuador.

Wall hangings and purses
Wall hangings and purses made in Ecuador
Baúl de Tesoros, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador


Metal figurines
Metal figurines made in Ecuador
Baúl de Tesoros, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Is there an export from your area that is relatively unknown?

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