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Dutch Band Donating Album Proceeds To Benefit Ecuador Orphanage #WATWB

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VANDERLINDE Live Trails Album Proceeds To Benefit Ecuador Orphanage

This is the story of an incredibly generous gift to the orphanage in Olon, Ecuador by Dutch band VANDERLINDE. All band members, the producer, the recording and mixing engineers, and the studio are donating all proceeds from their latest album, Live Trails, to benefit the orphanage. Even the recording company will promote the album for free and donate their profits.


VANDERLINDE Live Trails album cover
VANDERLINDE Live Trails album cover
(click on photo to increase size)



VANDERLINDE Live Trails album cover inside
VANDERLINDE Live Trails album cover inside
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From the inside cover above:
“VANDERLINDE and their producer have declined to be paid for their work on this album. They have pledged that all proceeds from the sales of this record will benefit the orphanage in Olon, Ecuador, where Erwin Musper is working every day as a volunteer to give those children a spark of hope for their future. Because you bought this album, you are part of turning this spark into a bonfire. The kids say GRACIAS.”

Check out VANDERLINDE’s song Across The Hall (Live Trails):


Producer No Stranger To Orphanage

This orchestrator of this project, album producer and lyricist Erwin Musper, mixed and mastered the album in his studio near the orphanage. His daily presence at the orphanage provides not only guitar lessons but a male role model in lives of kids who may never have had a positive one. He shares orphanage photos and project updates on his Facebook page, found here.

Young Orphanage Kids Orchestra
YOKO (Young Orphanage Kids Orchestra) band last Christmas
Erwin, in white t-shirt, is their guitar instructor and male role model

Erwin has previously spearheaded projects for a walk in refrigerator (see his post here), ceiling fans (post), and many other projects at the orphanage. The next big project on his list is rewiring and replacing the failing and overheating electric grid at the orphanage, where proceeds from this album sale will first be directed.

How To Order Live Trails

UPDATE November 1, 2017: The album is now available! If you live in Europe, you can buy the physical CD. The rest of the world can download it on Google Play here or on iTunes here. Contact Erwin Musper on Facebook for information on how to donate directly to the cause. Please consider buying the album – you receive great music and help the orphanage electric system at the same time!

UPDATE #1: Vanderlinde did it! They met the fundraising goal! All future money raised will go to future projects at the orphanage.

UPDATE #2: The orphanage electrical has been completely upgraded!

Thank you VANDERLINDE and friends for your generosity! We say GRACIAS!

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    • Emily Bloomquist

      You are right Ally, the kids will never forget these experiences. They are having first ever experiences all of the time thanks to Erwin. Here are two: He has introduced a music program to the orphanage where they had never had one before. Anyone who wants to learn guitar or piano has an expat instructor. Drum lessons start soon. He brought a DJ from the US a few months ago to help empower the girls through music. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Emily – that's really inspiring to read about – it's wonderful for all the children – as they'll learn about music, production, overseas areas etc and will broaden their horizons. Then have the ability to learn to play instruments and empower themselves … I too rather like the music – what a wonderful collaboration … long may it continue: sounds like it will …

    What a great WAWTB post … mine will go up on Monday and features Bolivia … but am loving the music – and the concept of the hope they bring to the orphanage and all its associates … cheers Hilary

    • Emily Bloomquist

      Absolutely right, Hilary, the children's depth and breadth of knowledge is expanding with these influences in their lives. I look forward to reading your Bolivia WATWB post on Monday. Thank you!

  • Pradita Kapahi

    It's heartwarming when the more lucky people in life share their luck and fortune with others. This is a great opportunity for kids too. I'm feeling happy just imagining them getting to learn new things. God bless them and thank you for sharing this 🙂

  • Susan Scott

    The music is wonderful Emily! I'd love to purchase it when available … I'll have to go back and write to Erwin and see how to do when available ..this 'initiative is so wonderful on so many levels ..a great #WATWB post thank you! We can each do something like eg supporting this..

  • Lynda Dietz

    This is terrific! Not only that they're donating the money, but that they're lyricist is also "in the trenches," so to speak, helping in such a practical way. He really is providing a good role model for these kids.

    • Emily Bloomquist

      He really is, Lynda. If you were searching for a person to provide a daily role model for kids, someone like Erwin is the person you would select. Many of the kids even make Father's Day cards for him.

  • Guilie Castillo

    What a fabulous person! In these days of murky waters in intellectual property, this is an amazing initiative and an excellent example. Imagine if a majority of artists everywhere regularly donated even a fraction of their income to causes that directly alleviate poverty and suffering, that make education and overall health a priority… The impact that could have!

    Thanks for sharing this story, Emily—and for your visit earlier to Quiet Laughter. Really appreciate it. Have a fantastic weekend!

  • Lizbeth Hartz

    Not only a great story, Emily, also great music. How great of this group to give so generously to the orphanage. Gives me "chicken skin", as they say here in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing!

  • Deborah Weber

    What a heart-warming story. Generous acts like this can't help but be inspiring. And given the great music I have high hopes this will be a very prosperous initiative. In addition to the funding, what a great gift Musper is with his presence and service to the children. Lots to celebrate here!

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