CAMTRI Triathlon American Championship, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

International Triathlon Excites Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

“Dirt roads, stray dogs & a community with passion for triathlon.  Tomorrow’s event will most certainly be an experience” — Jarrod Evans, USA Triathlon Coach, in a tweet the day before the Puerto Lopez triathlon (see screen shot later in post for accompanying photos)

A triathlon in a picturesque Ecuador coastal fishing village invites athletes to enjoy pleasant weather, warm ocean temperatures, and fresh fruits. Puerto Lopez hosted the CAMTRI Triathlon American Championship for the first time. Elite athletes from around the world descended on Puerto Lopez to compete.

Triathlon start in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

The week prior to the triathlon, the malecon (oceanfront road) was filled with bicyclists and runners, enjoying their pre-race workouts and learning the course. The weekend was filled with triathlons. Youth athletes competed on Friday, amateurs on Saturday and elites on Sunday. I photographed the Sunday competition.

Women’s Competition

The women’s triathlon began shortly after dawn with the swim (1.5 Km) and bike (40 Km) legs. At that point, two Brazilian women, Pamella Oliveira and Vittoria Lopes, led the field by a large margin.

Brazilian women leading triathlon
Oliveira and Lopes running out of the transition at 8:47 am (my camera’s clock time) before anyone else entered it

The crowd I stood among all thought Oliveira and Lopes were locks to win. One person said “No one can catch them – they are machines!”

Sophie Chase giving chase
Sophie Chase is 3 minutes behind coming out of the transition at 8:50 am (my camera’s clock time)

Sophie Chase from the USA heard none of this. She made up more than 3 minutes during the 10 Km run to win the triathlon. Oliveira and Lopes finished second and third.

Sophie Chase celebrating triathlon win
USA’s Sophie Chase celebrates her win


The Dirt Road

One of the most common complaints I heard was the first one in USA Coach Jarrod Evans’ tweet that began this post. A long dirt road connected the transition area on the cobblestone malecon and the asphalt bike course. I asked a few athletes for their opinion. They smiled and said it was a unique situation but everyone competed on the same course so it impeded everyone equally.

Tweet about Puerto Lopez triathlon conditions


The Perfect Weather

Everyone I spoke with agreed that the ocean temperature was perfect for swimming. The weather was ideal, with a nice cloud cover for the entire women’s race. The sun emerged just as the men began, beating down on them for much of their race under partly cloudy skies. Temperatures were still comfortable but the intense equatorial sun feels hot quickly, especially when one is unaccustomed to it. Running on cool cobblestone helped keep the runners from getting hotter than if they were on asphalt.

Triathlon bridge
Ecuadorian Ramón Armando Matute, running 10 Km on the sunny malecon (4 loops of 2.5 Km each)


Ecuadorian on Medal Stand in Men’s Triathlon

The cheering crowd roared a bit louder at the finish line of the men’s race when Ecuadorian Juan Jose Andrade Figueroa finished third behind Brazilian Manoel Messias and Canadian Taylor Forbes.

Triathlon finish line
Ecuadorian Juan Jose Andrade Figeroa finishes third

Congratulations to all athletes who competed! Your dedication to the sport is impressive. Every one I met was kind, caring and supportive of one another.

See You Again (?)

The athletes I spoke with were happy to compete in a small, quiet town and said they hoped to return. They loved the gridlock-free roads, beautiful area and community support. I hope this race returns to Puerto Lopez in future years. If not, I will watch for these talented athletes in the 2020 Olympics.

Additional Photos

Enjoy a few more photos from triathlon day in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador.

Triathlon transition area
Transition area


Men's triathlon, Puerto Lopez
Canadian Dominika Jamnicky (squatting) supporting her teammates


Men's triathlon winner
Brazil’s Manoel Massias wins the men’s race


Roos cooling off after triathlon
USA’s Andrew Roos begins post-race cool down with water on his head


Watching triathlon medal ceremony
Watching the medal ceremony

Have you ever competed in a triathlon? (I have not. The closest I have come is a 1/2 marathon.)


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I am a US Expat in Ecuador. I grew up on a Minnesota farm, worked in IT in California's Silicon Valley, then moved to a coastal Ecuador fishing village. My goal is to share Ecuador with you, one snippet at a time. Topics include attractions, compassion, ecotourism, Ecuador products, everyday Ecuador, and flora and fauna. Please let me know what you would like to read more about!


  • Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Emily – I will resoundingly say NO!!! But it's fun to watch and they are so dedicated to their sport … we have a few talented athletes who compete.

    I bet the competitors enjoyed the hassle free approach to taking part in Puerto Lopez and I do hope it returns … lucky you – that you were able to get up close to the racing and see all the parts.

    Such fun … and congratulations in running a 1/2 marathon – I haven't done that either … love your photos – cheers Hilary

    • Emily Bloomquist

      As you say, Hilary, lucky me to have them come here and for us to be able to get so close to the racing. I have always enjoyed watching Olympics triathlons and marathons on TV and will have a better feel for what they are doing now. The athletes were so kind and generous with their information.

      Thank you for the congrats – the 1/2 marathon was many years ago but I still remember almost everything about it. Thanks again for your thoughtful comments!

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