Postcard worthy photos from Ecuador 911 cameras

13 Postcard Photos From Ecuador 911 Surveillance Cameras

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.
–Ansel Adams

You want great postcard-like photos of Ecuador but do not have time to travel the country to take the photos yourself? You can search blogs and social media or you can search Twitter for the hashtag #PostalECU911.

Ecuador 911 is the national emergency response system. Their Twitter accounts are a great follow for anyone visiting or living in Ecuador. Several locations have Twitter feeds, often named after each province capital. They are a great source of information on road conditions, volcanic activity, and other emergencies around the country.

The photos in this post are all from Ecuador 911’s various Twitter accounts. They were captured and shared by cameras monitored by Ecuador 911. Here are my favorite 2017 #PostalECU911 tweets.

Ecuador 911 Postcards


Sunset in Puerto Bolivar parish, Machala (link goes to Google Maps), El Oro Province.


Sunset in Salango, Puerto Lopez, Manabi Province. Salango is just a few minutes from my home.


Occasionally a weather forecast will accompany the #PostalECU911 tweet. On this day last March, the temperature was 15° C with mostly cloudy and a 50% chance of rain in Loja.



The low fog in this valley in Atahualpa canton in Machala province is stunning.


If you thought Ecuador had no snow since it is on the equator, take a look at the Cotopaxi volcano.


The volcano Reventador, in Nueva Loja province is an active stratovolcano in a remote area in the eastern Andes. It has been erupting since 2008 (though not in the photo below). The television show Good Morning America recently aired some incredible eruption footage, I think from December, 2017. Watch it here.


Train travel is primarily for tourists in Ecuador these days. I have not taken one yet but they come highly recommended. Yaguachi Station in Guayas province is one beautiful spot to catch a train. Book your travel here through Tren Ecuador.


Sunset from San Cristobal Island, Galapagos, Ecuador.


Macas is one of the popular Ecuador Amazon Rainforest destinations.


La Perla, the huge Ferris wheel in the photo below, opened recently and quickly became a popular spot for tourists and locals alike to get a 360° view of Guayaquil.


Deep inside the Amazon is Puerto El Carmen, on the Ecuador / Columbia border. I think tourism is not nearly as popular here as in Macas.



Machala erects a beautiful Christmas 33 meter high tree then shares it with us on Twitter. Merry Christmas!



Employees in Ecuador receive a bonus paycheck in December equivalent to one month pay. I am using the same idea and sharing one additional tweet from #PostalECU911.

The following tweet contains thirteen great beach photos from Manabí province. While Puerto Lopez, where I live, did not make the collage, it gives you an idea of Manabí beaches if you click on the photos to enlarge.

Did you add any locations to your bucket list?


On a personal note, I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Merry Christmas from Emily and Scott Bloomquist 2017
Christmas wishes from Scott, Emily, Pacha, Sol, Luna
(in order by first clockwise appearance)

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