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Godfather Ecuador Links Donors with Families in Need #WATWB

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A Free Education is Not Cost Free

Education in Ecuador is free for all children but it is not without cost for families. The children need uniforms, pens, markers, crayons, notebooks, backpacks, etc. in order to attend.

Purchasing these supplies is a financial burden some families are unable to meet. Heartbreaking choices are made – if you can afford supplies for one child, which will get an education and which will be left out? Some families have no children in school because they choose feeding their children over formally educating them.


Godfather Ecuador links donors with families in need

Godfather Ecuador is working to help struggling families. They match donors with families in need. The donor becomes the family’s godparent, purchasing school supplies, celebrating birthdays together, and helping where needed.

Many children who have missed periods of schooling require private homeschooling to bring them up to grade level. Their new godparents provide resources for that.

From Godfather Ecuador’s Facebook page:

Godfather Ecuador assists this family


Luis, Anderson and Ulises, who live with their mother Carmen, found Godparents. The little ones go to school with a lot of effort, but Luis stopped going for a year because they did not have the resources, so now our job will be to level him up to return him to the classrooms next school year.
Carmen is a single mother, the father left them struggling alone, so now we will be part of the Guaranda family so they never have to leave school again.
Join the dream @godfatherecuador


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