Puerto Lopez Skating club on malecon

eXpat Creates Kids Skating Club in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador #AtoZChallenge #WATWB

Puerto Lopez skating club on malecón

Skating and rollerblading are relatively uncommon in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. It is becoming more common thanks to one man. Matthew Meinzer, a former semi-professional hockey player, has introduced Puerto Lopez kids to the joys of skating with a kids skating club.

Instilling confidence while practicing skating

Kids flock to his practices and the participation level increases weekly. I have watched many girls transform from unsure on their wheels to beaming, confident skaters. The following 2:10 video is from March 9, 2018. (You can watch on YouTube here.)

With more than 10 years of coaching experience in New York City, Matthew is able to adapt practices to the skill level of the participants. Each skater receives individual tips and instruction throughout practice.

Matt teaching a girl skating methods

Practices often attract more than 20 girls and occasionally a boy or two.

Kids lined up during skating practice

Practicing without the professor

I took the following picture an hour and a half before practice. The girls said they were practicing on their own until Professor Matthew arrived, when organized practice would begin.

Girls practicing skating outside of class

Global Roller Day

A highlight so far was participating in Global Roller Day on April 14, 2018. The afternoon was filled with laughter, wheels on pavement, and team tshirts.

Global Roller Day, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

It was a busy day! Sequence of activities:

  1. Skaters, parents, and spectators gathered at the practice rink
  2. Skaters received tshirts with their first official team sponsor, the Victor Hugo Hotel, printed across the front
  3. Team photo
  4. The team skated the malecon and back to the rink (they added a new team member as one girl came running out of her house, skates in hand, to join them)
  5. A short exhibition practice for parents and spectators, some of whom normally can’t attend practice
  6. Pot luck

Here is a small portion of their malecon skate (33 seconds). You can see how improved they are since the March 9 video. (You can watch on YouTube here.)

The kids loved displaying their skills during the exhibition practice in front of friends and family.

Skating class, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador



Equipment upgrades

When I first began attending practices in February, a few of the skate’s wheels hardly turned (or did not turn). Some were missing ball bearings and others were misshapen. Have you ever had a shopping cart with a wheel that would not turn? It sounded like you were pushing that cart through the parking lot.

People visiting from other countries have brought ball bearings and other hard to find equipment. Matthew even melted down plastic bottle caps and forged washers from the plastic. (Why not ship them here? See my post about mail.) Kids show up early or stay late to have their equipment repaired.

Profesor Matthew fixing skates after practice

Stop by or follow the kids skating club progress on Facebook

If you are in Puerto Lopez on a Tuesday night, stop by the fútbol field they use as a rink at the base of the pier to watch practice and cheer on the kids!

Skating practice, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Follow the kids skating club progress on their Facebook page, Puerto Lopez club de patinaje, where Matthew shares photos as well as practice and event information.

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Puerto Lopez Kids Skating Club, Ecuador


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