Adventure – My life is one!

¨Enjoy your adventure!¨
¨It will be such a great adventure!¨
¨Cannot wait to hear about your adventures!¨

These were some of the encouraging comments from friends and family before we moved from the US to Ecuador in 2013.  Adventure was a word I heard many times. My very supportive, encouraging Mom wanted to hear about our adventures.

To me, adventure had always meant an exciting, awe-filled, wonderful experience. I was not so sure if what we were doing qualified as an adventure. I hoped that we would find a home and a place to buy chicken once we arrived. And perhaps a little adventure here and there.

The first months of exciting, awe-filled, wonderful times were interspersed with frustrating, miserable, soul-searching times.  It was an adventure, alright!  Some days felt like the wrong type of adventure to me.

Being on a burning boat in the ocean is surely an adventure, but is it the kind you want?

Boat burning in Puerto Lopez bay
Burning boat, Puerto Lopez, Manabí, April 4, 2016

On one of my frustrating, miserable, felt-like-my-boat-was-on-fire days, I opened an email from Mom.  It ended with ¨Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure!¨

I do not remember what it was that had me so down that day – could have been anything really.  Perhaps it was one of these:

  • A steaming hot day without power, which meant no fans and rotting food in the fridge
  • Another day when I could not find the lady in town who sold chickens so I could make dinner
  • It may have simply been a day when I forgot mosquito repellent and had one too many bites

Whatever it was, I was having a pity party for one when I read her email.  My response was rude and inexcusable.

¨My life is not an adventure!  It is a normal, every day life with ups and downs exactly like everyone else´s.  I just live in a different country!¨

I am certain I never apologized to my mom for my terrible response. I have no excuse. Life went on and neither of us mentioned it.  She has not used the word adventure with me since.

Dear Mom: I am sorry for my rude reply and my extremely tardy apology.  You are right – my life IS an adventure! Ask anytime about my adventures – I will share the fun ones and the burning boat ones, too. Perhaps I will even have a story about a baby monkey on my head!

Monkey on Emily's head
Cojimies, Manabí, Oct 29, 2013

Follow me as I share some of my adventures with you!

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I am a US Expat in Ecuador. I grew up on a Minnesota farm, worked in IT in California's Silicon Valley, then moved to a coastal Ecuador fishing village. My goal is to share Ecuador with you, one snippet at a time. Topics include attractions, compassion, ecotourism, Ecuador products, everyday Ecuador, and flora and fauna. Please let me know what you would like to read more about!


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