Comercial Javico store in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Javico, A Puerto Lopez Grocery Store #AtoZChallenge

Comercial Javico

You will find several grocery stores in Puerto Lopez. Family owned and run Comercial Javico is one of the two largest. The store is on the main through street, the only stoplight is a few steps away. If you click here to view it on Google Maps, you can see Javico is right in the middle of Puerto Lopez.

Inside of Javico

Alberto, in the above photo, seems to work every day and always with a smile and kind word.


Spices and tea at Javico

Javico sells to the public and to small businesses, who in turn sell the products in their neighborhood stores or use them in their restaurants.


Bulk products at Javico

Bulk foods are carefully weighed and packaged into smaller bags (see the man behind the display packaging and measuring?).


Animal crackers at Javico

Kid favorite animal crackers are on this end display.


Checkouts with eggs for sale
Eggs are available at the checkout counters. Let them know how many eggs you want and they will put them in a plastic bag for you. I like supporting local businesses and the employees at Javico’s make the experience even better.
2018 A to Z Challenge - J
Javico, a Puerto Lopez grocery store



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