Equator countdown

Latitude Zero #AtoZChallenge

With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere.”
— C. S. Lewis

I expected to see big signs the first time we drove across latitude zero. Not Las Vegas big but tourist photo spot big. I thought we might have a countdown as we approached.

Equator countdown goofy graphic
We were northbound from the southern hemisphere traveling along a coastal road. The GPS told us we had crossed into the northern hemisphere but there were no signs. Except for one in front of a home at latitude .007.
Latitude .007
Sign in front says Latitud .007
Mr. Bond was not home
We spent a few hours exploring then turned around to head home. Driving south, we finally saw a sign!
Emily with equator sign
My first time at the equator
“You are passing the equatorial line”
It was exciting to be standing at the equator. Some day, we will probably visit the big Middle of the World monument near Quito where you can balance an egg on a nail.
For us, it was enough to know we crossed it. And a sign confirming it was nice.
Have you crossed the equator? If you have, was there a sign?
2017 A to Z Challenge - L
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