Sunrise over Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Sunrise in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador #AtoZChallenge

Sunrise over Puerto Lopez reflecting in ocean

My favorite place to watch the Puerto Lopez sunrise is the south end of the bay. For an overhead shot of this area, click Boats in Puerto Lopez. As the sun rises over the eastern hills, I love the reflections in the bay.

Sunrise over Puerto Lopez

If you read my post, Rainbows and the rainy season in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador, you know overnight cloud cover is common this time of year. I took the first three photos on the same day as the clouds shifted while the sun rose. They managed to hide the sun itself the entire time.


Sunrise over Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

We do sometimes have clearer skies during sunrise. I personally prefer the sunrises with more clouds and more colors.


Sunrise over Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

When you go, watch the tides

The area I take photos has tidal pools at low tide, when the surrounding rocks are also exposed. You can walk on them to frame your photo as you wish.

Rocks exposed by low tide
The rocks at low tide. They are the ocean floor during high tide

I was on the rocks while taking the first three photos in this post. The sunrise with shifting clouds and changing colors mesmerized me. I was oblivious to the rising tide until it was surrounding my rock.

Tide waters covering rocks

I made it back to the beach with only wet feet. Remember to watch the tides.

2018 A to Z Challenge - S
Sunrise over Puerto Lopez, Ecuador Pinterest photo




A look back

Last year, I wrote Sunsets near the equator.

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