Puerto Lopez new malecon

Reinventing a 2.4 km beach front boardwalk #AtoZChallenge

I want to run the beach’s length, because it never ends.
–Deborah Ager

Ecuador recently reinvented the Puerto Lopez malecon (beach front boardwalk). From beginning to end, construction covered a two year period. The 2.4 km malecon is completely upgraded and unrecognizable from it’s former self.

Puerto Lopez malecon
New malecon from Victor Hugo Hotel
April 2017

What was wrong with the old Puerto Lopez malecon?

A deteriorating road, crumbling sidewalk, and no public restrooms made up the old malecon. Two rivers had to be waded through during the rainy season to walk across them. During the dry season when no water flowed, we all drove through their dry bed to reach the other side of the river.


Puerto Lopez old malecon
Old malecon from Hotel Pacifico
December 2011

Included bridges, washrooms and buried power lines

Some of the highlights though by no means a comprehensive list:

  • The project included two new bridges, many public restrooms, and countless bricks. Power lines were buried, trees planted, playground equipment and streetlights installed. The paved and rutted road was replaced with a brick road and a bike path.
  • Experts in several engineering specialties and heavy equipment were brought in from around the country.
  • Everything was labor intensive. Much of the cement was mixed manually and hauled by wheelbarrow.
  • Each bridge had it’s own team of engineers and workers. The amount of rebar used on each bridge was impressive.
Puerto Lopez Malecon bridge construction
Bridge footing construction
November 2015
Puerto Lopez malecon bridge construction
Bridge construction
July 2016
Puerto Lopez malecon bridge
Walking across completed bridge
October 2016
Puerto Lopez malecon walking path
The entire length has a walking / biking path
April 2017


Completed Puerto Lopez malecon

My husband shot a 7 minute video in November 2016 from the north end of the malecon to the south end.

Has your town or neighborhood undergone a major construction project?

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