White-edged oriole
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Zoo – I live in one! #AtoZChallenge

Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo.Β 
— Paul Simon

When I wrote my first post for the A to Z Challenge, I did not know the what the remaining posts were going to be about. While blogging about my life in Ecuador for the past month, I realized that I live in a zoo. A natural, wild, amazing zoo! Let’s recap what is in my zoo.

Wildlife in my zoo

Throughout the month, I introduced the following zoo residents: (click link to open post)

  1. Blue-footed boobies
  2. Humpback whales
  3. Iguanas
  4. A Monkey
  5. Owls
  6. A Frog
  7. Sea Turtles


Rounding out my zoo

No zoo is complete without water and I wrote about natural tide pools and Gary Vance providing drinking water. In the gift shop, there is the Tagua palm nut. The zoo sky is filled with glorious colors at sunset.

There are many more residents in this zoo still to meet.


White-edged oriole
White-edged oriole
Puerto Lopez, ManabΓ­, Ecuador

Human activities in my zoo

There is human adventure in my zoo to talk about, too, like whale watching with girls from the Olon Orphanage.


Orphanage girls whale watching
Girls from the Olon Orphanage whale watching
Puerto Lopez, ManabΓ­, Ecuador


What will I write about in the future?

I will share more about the earthquake recovery efforts and anything else Mother Nature tosses our way.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed what you read in April, I hope you come back for more from my Ecuador zoo life. I will write a weekly post similar to the ones you have been reading. The first comes out on Monday, May 15. Suggestions are welcome – please add them in the comments!

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What are some of the animals in your zoo?


2017 A to Z Challenge - Z

If you are visiting from the #AtoZChallenge please include your blog link in a comment so I can check it out. Thank you for joining me for an amazing month!

I am a US Expat in Ecuador. I grew up on a Minnesota farm, worked in IT in California's Silicon Valley, then moved to a coastal Ecuador fishing village. My goal is to share Ecuador with you, one snippet at a time. Topics include attractions, compassion, ecotourism, Ecuador products, everyday Ecuador, and flora and fauna. Please let me know what you would like to read more about!


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