Kayak - Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Kayaks, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador #AtoZChallenge

Kayaking in Puerto Lopez

Puerto Lopez bay is a good spot for kayaking. There is even an annual kayak race.

Kayaking in Puerto Lopez

While contemplating what to write for K, I wished I had photos from the race. Then I looked at my April photos. What a nice surprise – I found several Puerto Lopez pictures with kayaks in the background.


Kayaking in Puerto Lopez

Perhaps “Kayaks in the Background of Puerto Lopez Beach Scenes” would have been a more appropriate title for this post. Kayaks are not the focal point of any photo here.


Kayaking in Puerto Lopez

Do you kayak? Several locations around town rent kayaks. Contact me when you are coming to Puerto Lopez and I will give you up to date information.


2018 A to Z Challenge - K


Kayak in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador



A look back

Last year, I wrote Kinder Eggs – Contraband.

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