Puerto Lopez sunrise rainbow

Rainbows and the rainy season in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador #AtoZChallenge

Rainbow over Pacific in Puerto Lopez

Puerto Lopez sunrise rainbows are most common during the coastal Ecuador rainy season.

Sunset rainbow over Puerto Lopez

The same is true for Puerto Lopez sunset rainbows.

The rainy season, December through May, is also the time for cerulean blue skies.ย This causes confusion when people are planning their visit. They see blue skies on social media photos yet all of the guide books say it is the rainy season.


Puerto Lopez pier during rainy season

When does it rain during the rainy season?

Puerto Lopez rainy season from Victor Hugo Hotel

Rain usually falls at night though certainly not every night. The above photo was taken at the Victor Hugo Hotel in February at 10:00 pm. Hours earlier, I walked there in the sunshine. I was drenched when I reached home because I rarely have an umbrella. I am usually home before the rains begin, getting ready to watch for a sunrise rainbow the next day.

2018 A to Z Challenge - R
Rainbows and Rainy Season, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador


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